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N-able N-sight - Improved Patch Management

N-able released a new Patch Management Engine, designed to enhance your patching experience. This release addresses some issues and brings significant improvements. There are additions to the UI as well as improvements in caching and scanning devices.

Features and improvements

With the new Patch Management Engine, the patching experience within N-sight™ RMM platform is enhanced with a range of features and updates:

  • Enhanced File Caching: To optimize patching, N-able has modified file caching, storing specific files in the file cache service folder. This change prevents disruptions for devices lacking permission to save to specific folders.

  • Product Name Detection for Feature Upgrades: N-able now retrieves product names from Microsoft for Feature Upgrades, eliminating the "Product Unknown" label.

  • Handling of Duplicate Patch and GUID Results: The handling of scan results from the Windows Update Agent has been improved, addressing errors caused by duplicate patches and GUIDs.

  • Improved Support for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Feature Upgrades: Enhanced support for Feature Upgrades of both Windows 10 and Windows 11 resolves issues where devices failed to offer updates due to conflicting OS versions.

  • Adobe Detection and Install: N-able has resolved detection issues caused by Adobe's rebranding and registry key changes, ensuring accurate detection and support for new versions.

  • Improved Device Detection and OS Version Support: Third-Party Patch now offers improved detection for 32-bit and 64-bit devices, alongside enhanced OS version detection and extended third-party product support.

  • Enhanced Uninstall Commands for Patches: Updated uninstall commands streamline the removal of installed patches, including products like MS Access.

  • Enhanced Support for Server 2022 Patches: Improved support for Server 2022 patches, including cumulative updates, enables efficient patch management on the latest Microsoft OS.


Patch management-Microsoft approvals

In addition to these updates, N-able introduces UI changes and new functionalities:

Flexible Patch Selection: Choose between Microsoft and Third-Party patches or focus on either category. This compatibility with products like Intune enhances customization options.

PME Update and Reinstall via Dashboard Task: Update, install, and reinstall the Patch Management Engine through a dashboard task, allowing for easy testing, downgrading, or reinstallation as needed.

Manage patches, automate severity-based approvals, schedule patching windows, and customize settings for individual devices. The coverage includes 80+ application families, such as Apple, Google, Java, Adobe, Skype, and zip tools. Microsoft products, Windows, Exchange, and Microsoft 365, receive continuous updates, and macOS devices are fully supported. Security patches for commonly exploited programs like Adobe and Java are prioritized.

Patch management-Third party patches


N-able's new Patch Management Engine ensures a smoother patching process, mitigates security risks, and guarantees seamless operations. With these updates, N-sight™ RMM provides you with comprehensive control over patch management from a single, user-friendly console. Upgrade your patch management experience today with N-able's comprehensive solution.

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Jurica Parsic IT Support Specialist

A seasoned professional in data backup & disaster recovery, virtualization and cybersecurity with more than 5 years of experience in this field. Working closely with global vendors, IT resellers and IT service providers to develop a deep understanding of the technologies, processes and best practices involved in ensuring security and business continuity for a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations.