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Monitor, Manage, and Protect Apple devices

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the surge in Apple Mac users has been impossible to ignore. This remarkable growth presents a unique challenge for IT service providers traditionally entrenched in the realm of managing Windows and Linux environments. As Mac usage continues its ascent, IT professionals find themselves navigating uncharted territory, adapting their strategies to cater to the expanding demands of a diverse and dynamic tech ecosystem.

N-able™ N-sight RMM is designed to offer a seamless experience for monitoring, managing, and protecting devices—all from one unified dashboard. In addition to Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® devices, MSPs can also support Apple® devices across their customer environments. Help protect customers from data loss by backing up important documents to make them easily and quickly recoverable. Additionally, protect Mac devices from cyberthreats with robust antivirus.

With N-able N-Sight RMM you can:

  1. Manage and monitor Mac and windows devices from one dashboard

  2. Protect Mac devices from viruses and malware

  3. Back up Mac documents to the cloud and recover them easily

  4. Quickly troubleshoot issues on Apple devices

Manage and monitor Mac and windows devices from one dashboard

Streamlining your IT operations has never been easier. With a unified approach, you can save valuable time by utilizing the same tools for both Mac and Microsoft® Windows® devices. Managing Macs becomes a breeze with built-in automation, allowing you to effortlessly employ pre-made templates for routine tasks or customize and upload your own scripts. Plus, say goodbye to the anxiety of patching and upgrades. Our rigorous testing ensures the stability of patches before they are released to you, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Protect Mac devices from viruses and malware

Experience enhanced efficiency and convenience in your cybersecurity efforts as you seamlessly manage antivirus solutions for both Windows and Mac devices, all from a single, unified dashboard. Boost productivity with a harmonized security workflow that caters to both Mac and Windows environments, simplifying your operations and reducing complexity. Rest assured in the reliability of our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system, which empowers you to oversee and protect your diverse fleet of devices with ease.

Quickly troubleshoot issues on Apple devices

Harness the power of integrated remote support to swiftly address concerns on Mac devices, enabling seamless screen sharing and file transfers. Whether you're dealing with Mac devices or workstations, you have the flexibility of screen control and file transfer at your fingertips. With this capability, you can efficiently resolve issues without causing disruptions to end users. It's all conveniently accessible directly from the central N-sight RMM dashboard, featuring a streamlined approach to remote background management for Mac systems.

Back up Mac documents to the cloud and recover them easily

Empower your backup process with greater precision by handpicking the most crucial folders essential for your business operations. By doing so, you can significantly reduce downtime and the need for rework, with comprehensive support spanning over 50 document types and a robust storage capacity of 28 days, complete with 56 versions. Rest assured that your colleagues will have peace of mind, knowing that their documents are automatically backed up twice daily and can be effortlessly recovered when needed. This proactive approach not only mitigates potential disasters but also ensures uninterrupted business continuity by swiftly restoring critical documents, safeguarding your enterprise from unforeseen setbacks.

About autor

Jurica Parsic IT Support Specialist

A seasoned professional in data backup & disaster recovery, virtualization and cybersecurity with more than 5 years of experience in this field. Working closely with global vendors, IT resellers and IT service providers to develop a deep understanding of the technologies, processes and best practices involved in ensuring security and business continuity for a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations.