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All-in-One PSA Software for Service Providers


Discover the all-in-one platform that transforms how you deliver your managed IT services.


Professional Services Automation, or PSA, is process management software for professional services firms. At it's most basic form a PSA platform allows a professional services firm to automate its business processes and offer an integrated suite of products and applications in order to provide effective back-office support. More advanced PSA solutions include CRM, project management, resource management, billing, time and expense management, etc. For every IT service provider, the profitability of a project is a critical factor, and PSA solution helps you tracking everything that affects that. It is an important software that can help your company enforce compliance, maintain transparency in business operations, and so many more! PSA helps business owners to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by providing a standardized, scalable, and repeatable way of getting tasks done. Automation isn’t about working less but improving productivity and efficiency for the same duration of work so you can take the strain off of your people while increasing speed and scale at the same time.


Do I really need a PSA tool?

Weather you are just a startup, one man company or a mature MSP, PSA tool is definitively something that can benefit your business. First and formost it helps you boost your productivity. Just think how much time you usually need to manually arrange and manage your client data. It can help you create SOP's, and track the time spent on providing services so you always know if you are within your SLA's or you are giving away your valuable time for free. Just having this in your sight can help you optimize your services and see which clients are most profitable and which ones are dragging you down.

What should you consider when choosing a PSA solution?

Here is the list of few features we you should have in mind when choosing your PSA tool:

Happy customers are the secret to growth.

most customers want to send an email and be done with it. They do not want to have to log into a portal to reach you. The core problem of email is that it doesn't guide the user through asking the right questions to get the details you need to actually solve an issue or even identify an issue. Just converting email to tickets does nothing to fix this shortcoming. A good ticketing system can have conditional fields that actually collect useful data by guiding the client. This saves frustrating time wasted in endless back and forths.

Deliver an exceptional service with a fast, simple and fully configurable system. Fully tailored to help you run a successful MSP business.


  • Fast and easy onboardig - With migration wizard, move all of your key data into HaloPSA within minutes.

  • Centralize your environment - Integration with the apps you rely on every day to work more efficiently.

  • Simple integration - Integrations for Slack, Facebook, Xero, Jira, Salesforce, Outlook and many more.

  • Integrated billing - Automatic time capture, monthly billing and timesheets.

  • visibility into your sales pipeline - Close deals and successfully onboard customers faster.

  • Best customer experience - Created to be an easy, simple experience your customers will love.




We have gone through several different tickets solutions for our MSP business as they are extremely rigid and can't be customised. With Halo, it can be customised to do everything you need it to do. The possibilities are endless as the support team are fantastic and they will implement what ever you need.




The system is feature rich, and although it's not a turn-key solution, it doesn't take many tweaks for it to be a setup in a way which allows you a very quick ROI. Configuration from within the Web App is relatively straight forward, and on-boarding new clients takes less than an hour for a full setup and asset CMDB import once you've got the knack of things.



Support has been great as was on-boarding compared to rivals with actually coming to our office for a day and working with my colleagues. The new cloud version's interface is really good and clear and in improvement on the older windows version. It feels fresher and easier to see what is going on, especially with tickets/incidents which is where we mainly work.











Stay in sync with one centralised system.

Work together using HaloPSA’s collaboration tools to stay connected, keep to deadlines, and manage projects effectively. Take advantage of HaloPSA’s all-inclusive nature, roll out across the entire organisation to create a single system to allow you to create a centralised mission control for business operations. Share a live view of all projects on the go to gain clarity and visibility. This simple dashboard updates automatically, so you can keep track of projects and make resource spend transparent.

Create the best customer experiences.

The best helpdesk ticketing system designed for MSP’s and IT service providers. Created to be an easy, simple experience your customers will love. HaloPSA automatically brings customer-related information together as soon as the customer gets in contact – such as service level, PAYG and assets covered by the contract. Centralised information around the customers, their assets and service level is a great way to delivery the most effective, accurate and helpful service to customers whilst keeping stakeholders informed.


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